Unika Vaev was a small textile mill in Denmark that was the chief supplier of our earliest collections. The name – a source of endless questioning – means “unique weave” in Danish. The quality of Unika Vaev’s products was apparent from the beginning, evident by their durability and richness of texture and color.


In 1975, ICF purchased the name “Unika Vaev” for its newly organized fabric division and expanded its product range to reflect contemporary tastes and technologies. In so doing, Unika Vaev became an original source for contract textile needs.


As the contract furnishings industry grew throughout the 1980’s, so did Unika Vaev. Our collection embraced the newest ideas in textile weaving and coloration. Then, as now, the design industry welcomes Unika Vaev as the harbinger of fresh solutions to contract textile needs.


The Unika Vaev Acoustical Collection provides multiple functional and aesthetical acoustical ceiling and wall treatment solutions to effect sound blocking, diffusion and absorption in a wide range of interior spaces. Our purpose is to minimize noise distraction while maintaining the benefits that human interaction brings to work and social environments.




Unika Vaev has a brilliant set of online tools for fabric, acoustic and colour selection.



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Domo Wall Booth


It’s sometimes difficult to know where to go when you need a quiet, private space to write or make a quick phone call. Domo Wall Booth was designed to solve this problem in busy, hectic environments. Domo sound-absorbent wall booths are ideal in environments where there is an occasional need for a quiet, isolated area.

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The Land of Fire and Ice

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Most of us live in a box, surrounded by windows, doors, walls, it is a square world. Take the form from the nature of Iceland and frame it nicely into your box. Bring a natural softness to your world.

Discover how the landscape of Iceland, and the wool from its unique sheep inspired Bryndis Bolladottir to create her stunning acoustical collection. View this inspiring video by Bryndis ->

lina wall mosaic