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Each Hush pod is distinct in size and design, supporting a specific work task, pattern, or need. But they all provide two things: finely engineered soundproofing and mobility. You can also customize colors and specify the exact accessories you need. To learn more about the options for both join us as we deep dive into every technical feature that makes Hush the solution.

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Big winners of the BoY Awards

Meeting Pod Category - Patkau Architects has designed The Patkau Cocoon. Its organic form combined with the feeling of natural materials provides an almost poetic and sculptural presence. Each element is made of curved plywood and wood veneer, the interior is spartan: with a fixed seat and fitted with ecoustic panels to provide a quiet space for undisturbed work or conversation. The Patkau Cocoons are completely unexpected and are a welcome retreat, just what a modern workplace demands.

Patkau Architects

Acoustic Wall Covering Category - Saga is a sound diffusing wall art system made from solid cork. It’s named after the Swedish word for fairy tale and combines classic style with modern function. Saga is offered as a collection of seven click-connecting shapes; Round, Hexagon, Diamond, Drop, Feather, Traditional, and Straight - offering new possibilities for creative interior design. To install Saga the top row is secured to the wall using a plug and screw, tiles below are slotted into position and automatically shift into a correct hanging position.

More About Saga by Scandinavian Spaces

The clean beauty of tonik

Tonik furniture is seamless, nonabsorbent, and water-resistant with no hidden areas for debris to collect.  This means that cleaning can be done confidently knowing that Tonik furniture surfaces are clean and disinfected.

Check out the latest addition to our collections: Tonik We're thrilled to partner with a company that reflects our passion for unique designs, fun colours and outstanding products. 

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Waly - Flexible, Discreet, Effective Solutions for a Safe Workplace

Protecting your workers and clients is important to you, as is the comfort and style of your workplace. The Waly collection of protective screens with a compact and evolutionary design, offers the best solution. Available in two versions, tabletop or podium, with a full or pass through screen, centered or off centered, Waly harmoniously blends with your current office layout. The podium model would fit easily in between four-legged base chair providing enhanced overall protection for users. Its easy-to-assemble minimalist design allows you to quickly set up and move as social distancing rules require to provide protection: conference rooms, waiting rooms, workstations, common areas, reception, or cafeteria, wherever it’s needed, Waly does its job discreetly.


Managing space division in the new normal workplace needs to be a balance of form and function. Acoustic visual privacy solutions can be retrofitted into the office space using combinations of floor and work surface screens, wall tiles and hanging panels. All integrated into a cohesive design that brings your workplace to life!

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