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2022 is Looking Better Than Ever...

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Meet Stollab - the furniture with heart and history

Patio season 2022 -
do it with style!

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In Western Canada so far this winter we've seen our fair share of snow and cold. When the warm weather rolls in, we want to be ready to enjoy the outdoor spaces - Tonik furniture is a perfect for this. From corporate patios to outdoor dining, recreation centers and senior living facilities and more, now is the time to explore all the beautiful design possibilities of Tonik World.


Whether it's indoor or outdoor, in-person or virtual or designed around a common area, learning spaces are highly diverse in use, learning styles, configuration, location, and educational institution. They support a variety of pedagogies, including quiet study, passive or active learning, kinesthetic or physical learning, vocational learning, experiential learning, and others. BrassTacks is in the business of furnishing these spaces and we have a New Look Book highlighting some of the best designs for the education market.

Take a Tour of the BrassTacks Learning Spaces Look Book 2022