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Punt Mobles was founded in 1980 bythe Valencian designerVicent Martínez together with designer Lola Castelló. “The first stage of Punt Mobles was pure passion for design, it was a vital project and somehow somewhat thoughtless. This first stage must be placed in a historical context. Young designers, who become entrepreneurs, without ceasing to be designers, in a Valencian society, where design was neither understood nor valued, except by a sensitive minority”.

In 1985 Vicent created the design for the Literatura Clásica bookcase. When he launched it, nobody believed in it because they were looking at a product with a strong differentiating value. It was a market-breaking product because of the idea of two overlapped planes, where one plane runs over another using wheels. "This bookcase was born to solve the problem of storing books in a double row, making this task easier for reading lovers," argued Vicent about his design. When he presented it to the selling agents, they did not see commercial viability. However, when he presented it at the Valencia fair the following year, Literature was already present in more than 30 countries. And the thing is that "Literature was not only the star of the Punt Mobles catalogue, but it also marked the beginning of the company", as José Manuel, current creative director of Punt, tells us.
The design shows that for Vicent design and designers are an instrument that creates a material and intellectual wealth, in which objects reflect contemporary culture. The concept that I always seek is to be accomplices of our time and participate in the search and construction of a collective modernity dreamed of and longed for,  says Vicent.


Punt is currently a boutique company, where you can find different types of products, although storage is par excellence the best-selling part but you can also find all kinds of products with a strong differentiating value. In short, "a product of high quality, which is treated in an artistic way", argues José Manuel. And he continues: “with our expertise, know-how and the artisan workmanship, we generate, together with design, sculptural pieces.That is why we speak of Art in Design, of treating design as if it were a sculpture, thinking in the details, in the combination of materials and in generating products where artisan workmanship and know-how experience is always reflected in each piece ”.


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