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Nook pods solve a broad range of concentration and innovation sapping issues typically found in the workscape - offering a quiet refuge from noisy busy spaces but at the same time remaining connected to the environment.
The user makes the choice of whether to get involved in outside activity rather than having the involvement forced upon them.
Nook pods improve how people work in a space, providing answers to the challenges of how to facilitate a mix of both individual focus - tasking and collaboration, catering for the introvert and the extrovert in our personalities.
We've seen wasted spaces turned in to great places from corridors to under stairs, reception areas and canteens, event spaces and of course office environments.
They help to overcome office crowding, open plan disturbance and make better use of waiting areas, corridors and otherwise dead spaces, while allowing rapid adaptation when emphasis in the space changes, all while remaining a relocatable asset when an organisation expands, contracts or

Nook has a wealth of information about their innovative products. As well there is everything required to specify the products in any project.

  • Product images

  • 2D CAD

  • 3D BIM Object files


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