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Tonik products are made through the process of rotational molding, which spins a heated mold to evenly distribute material — in our case, high-impact polyethylene.

Tonik furniture comes out of the mold as one continuous shape that’s rated to withstand a LOT of weight — often more than 500 lbs.

They use fully-compounded color, meaning you won’t see any spots or stripes of un-mixed pigment in your product. The materials are also UV- and fade-resistant. They use only premium TruColor™ material, which is fully compounded (not mixed) for superior color consistency and UV protection. The color is molded through and through, not topically applied.

Chemically resistant to chlorine, bleach and salt solutions, ensures the furniture is built to withstand the rigors of daily use for years. The molded polyethylene is very easy to clean with mild soap & water, or household cleaners like Simple Green®.

Most furniture can be weighted, secured and illuminated. Some products, like the Riptide collection, also offer USB ports and modular assembly options.

Most Tonik® products have Optional UL-Approved lighting kits allow the product to “glow” from within, with RGB LED lights. 


Tonik provides an abundance of useful information and files including:

And much more. Please visit:

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