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In our modern world, with excessive stimuli, information- overload, and mounting work demands, concentration is everything. Hush gives employees an ideal work environment to find it, whether individually or with a group. The mission of each pod is to provide this essential support needed to perform at the highest, happiest level.


Hush gives people control over their environment, which translates into control over their concentration and, ultimately, their growth. Control lends freedom — freedom to work when, where, and how one wants to. Most importantly: the freedom of having absolute comfort and focus within one’s unique workflow.

Each hush pod is sized and designed for a distinct work task. Meeting pods for brainstorming sessions, interviews, and small group collaborations. solo pods for private calls and video conferences. And semi-open pods for a more lively team meet. These semi-open models are a hybrid of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ that allows energy to flow through and vitalize impromptu meetings.

Hush Office provides an abundance of useful information and files including:

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