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Founded in 2018 by Anjul Chandi and Mark Bailey, Thinkspace outfits the work environment with essential, beautiful and fun furniture. A vibrant woman-owned company, Thinkspace is dedicated to bringing life back to today’s workspaces. The company distributes cutting-edge acoustic workspace solutions for focused work, meetings, and collaboration as well as unique and fun products dedicated to employee wellness.


All of our products are European designed and manufactured. Over the past 5 years, we’ve become known as a fast growing, innovative, service-oriented leader in the acoustic booths and pod category. Our products are offered to market by over 300 office furniture dealers located throughout North America.

In addition to our standard factory direct lead time, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase from our ThinkFast Quick Ship Program, where our most popular acoustic booths and pods ship within 7 business days from one of 5 strategically located warehouses in the United States.

Meeting spaces for in-person meetings and hybrid video conferences are in demand. Thinkspace’s acoustic meeting spaces offer teams visual and audible privacy to connect in person and enjoy creating and inspiring each other once again.

ThinkspaceOffice provides an abundance of useful information and files including:

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