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Conference Solutions

Gateway Conference Table

Gateway™ Conference and Stand Alone Tables are an excellent solution for boardrooms and lounges alike.
 Tops are available with a wide variety of top shapes, sizes and edges to meet your needs. Tops are available in all standard veneer and plastic laminate finishes. 
Bases are available in mirror polished and five anodized finishes. Wiring runs concealed through base and grommets.


Vox® Conference tables are available in 14 different shapes, ranging in size from 72" L x 36" D to 469" L x 144" D. With Vox®, you can specify the table bases that best suit your needs — cable-concealing Duo, Tri, Quad or T–leg bases; slim, graceful Taper bases, or freewheeling Caster bases. 

Vox® Conference Table Tower Base

The elliptical shape Tower base provides maximum capacity for storing cabling, retractable cables and equipment inside the leg, while concealing core drills. Floor monument can be positioned directly under a Tower base. Tower bases consist of an interior frame that supports two elliptical shaped panels at the sides and two fixed panels at the ends. Removable elliptical panels simply lift up to disengage from the frame allowing full access to the ample wire cavity. No tools are required for removing or installing.

Agora Elite
Agora Olea

These architectural, minimalist tables are timeless additions to any working space. The thin and understated aluminum structural frame can be cut to any size, so specify what will fit perfectly to a space —no need to work within “standard” sizes. Heights can range from low for lounge; mid for tables, desks or benching; higher for counter and bars. Vertical end panels can be added for a more solid look. The Table Agora system allows maximum customization to match any space’s design vision.

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Mood Conference TV

A modern conference cabinet for TV screens up to 65” (1530 x 880 x 75 mm). The sliding doors are in tempered glass provide a magnetic writing surface and are available in any of our standard 24 Mood colours. The TV screen is easy to mount with all fittings included.

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