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Private Office Solutions

Cern Collection

Award winning Cern Collection. Cern embodies the warm-modern sensibility of today's working environment. Most notable about the Cern collection is its wide range of mixed materials and finish options that contrast and complement each other, which when layered creates unique and versatile work spaces and keeps things visually interesting; laid-back and casual for some areas, streamlined sophistication in others. design: @FigForty.

Vox® Office™

 Vox® Office takes advantage of every inch, and provides the user with the maximum amount of workspace. Features such as mobile pedestals and height adjustable Project Tables, allow for easy reconfiguration of the work environment, while the integrated cabinets easily hide any unwanted clutter and eliminate the need for coat racks or additional storage.

Gateway Workstation

The Gateway Workstation Collection offers the luxury of versatility and classic fine craftsmanship with an extensive range of office planning possibilities. Innovative elements and a clean modern aesthetic are defined by simplicity of form and subtle details. Sophisticated and refined. Versatile.


A versatile system that incorporates a unique balance of style and functionality promoting worker engagement, satisfaction, and performance


MODERN’s multipurpose, freestanding desking system is adaptable to all work environments, providing a stylish and contemporary appearance. MODERN features various laminate finishes, a variety of textiles, and glazed panel options.

Novelle desks feature an elegantly recessed back panel available in laminate or glazed. Glazed back panels feature a framed exterior with a frosted glazed interior.

Mix Novelle series desks with Modern or Modern Enhanced desking components for endless flexibility.

Commander Table Nienkamper
Zetti Klaas

Inspired by a streamlined midcentury modern aesthetic, Zetti Table Collection offers liberating fabrication options. Choose from paperclips or slanted legs and finishes to design the perfect table or desk, lounge and working heights make Zetti perfect for conference tables, desks, occasional tables, side pieces or accents. 


Rouillard’s credenzas are clean and crisp in their simplicity and bring a sense of order and professionalism wherever storage is needed. Customize the size, and chose open shelves, doors, drawers or file drawers. 

Agora Tables

These architectural, minimalist tables are timeless additions to any working space. The thin and understated aluminum structural frame can be cut to any size. The Table Agora system allows maximum customization to match any space’s design vision.

A few More Ideas for the Private Office