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Coast Media

Designed to provide a more private setting for videoconferencing, Coast Media features a sound absorbing upholstered wall enclosure fitted with a peninsula table and wire management to ensure optimum use of space.


This free-standing unit, which comes in two widths, combines with Coast seating to create a self-contained, cozy meeting area. Coast Media allows you the freedom to set up anywhere within your workspace. Create your customized look with our wide selection of fabrics and colours, and standard or reverse knife-edge laminated table top. This impeccably designed, extremely stable, highly versatile booth will fit perfectly within your office layout, whether it's in a wide open-plan area or in a small lounge space.

Media Fit

Keep virtual conferencing and sharing areas organized and unobtrusive with Rouillard’s Media Fit. With this smart and sleek configuration, the laminate vertical tech wall attaches to a table that can be a rectangular, bullet or trapezoid shape. Table and screen-supporting wall are available in various heights. The wall is finished on both sides, so it can be free-standing in open office space. When floor layouts alter, the adaptable Media Fit is easy to move and eliminates the necessity of attaching the monitor to a fixed wall

Zetti Fit

Combining technology and minimalism, this all-in-one videoconferencing unit includes a work surface mounted to a vertical media panel. The panel is designed to anchor a screen, keep wires neat and your workspace clutter-free. The slanted legs and trapezoid shape table lighten the overall volume, making it ideal for even the most compact spaces. The soft corners, knife edges and optional wood legs add warmth and refinement to the configuration. Your team will be comfortably seated thanks to the footrest on the 36- and 42-inch models.

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Let's Meet Media

LET’S MEET MEDIA is designed to support all kinds of interaction. Large team or casual impromptu spaces, working in-person or virtually, all while allowing for collaboration, content sharing, and peer-to-peer learning. Available in two standard heights, and a wide range of sizes and finishes. Add on power modules with USB charging capability in various locations for added functionality.

Gateway™ Media Lift Table

Gateway™ Media Lift effortlessly transforms meeting tables to create innovative multimedia solutions for communication, presentations and interactive work spaces. At the touch of the remote control, the unit raises the monitor screen up from the base cabinet. The ultimate in professional appearance, Gateway™ Media Lift combines sophistication and function to create additional space, protect your TV from damage or to hide it away from sight.

  • Table lengths are available: 60”, 72”, 84” and 96” with table width 54” and 60” and height 29”.

  • The depth of the Media cabinet is just 12” so it provides enough seating space for two persons at the table length.

  • Media Lift Tables can house a maximum TV size of 43”.

  • Tables can be specified with a variety of power / data/ video/ audio solutions for singular and group requirement like our GatewayTM Media Wall Tables.

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