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Office ergonomics and amenities will be the key

Office work has always primarily been a sedentary job which many people find to be its biggest downfall. The position in which you spend 8 hours every day at your desk is not natural, healthy or convenient for the human body. Spending extended periods of time seated puts strain on the spine and lumbar section, impairs circulation, and over many years, can lead to long term physical conditions. Discomfort plays havoc with not only the body but also the mind. Over time focus and motivation for work can decrease. Standing at your desk or getting up from it every now and then, even for a few minutes, can really make a difference. Well designed office spaces must have good ergonomics to combat this issue. Correctly adjusted armrests and simple tools like keyboard trays can go a long way in helping prevent injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The same cannot be said for home-based working. As a result of the recent pandemic working in the office has not been an option for most people and a long spell of working from home will have taken a toll. Not everyone is able to facilitate a proper home office environment with a well suited and comfortable workspace or remember to fit in time to take daily walks just to promote activity.

Office spaces on the other hand are often spread out with a short walk involved to get to the photocopier or the break room. In conjunction with travelling into work each day, climbing stairs and going out for lunch will also help to overcome this problem and office space is able to provide a happy working environment.

Workspaces will also often include a comfortable breakout area for employees to relax, or even the addition of a ping-pong tbale or dart board to raise spirits and get staff moving around. Features like this will be crucial in encouraging people to head back to the office after this long spell of home-based working, as they provide a lift to morale and overall well-being.

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“The goal of ergonomics is to fit the task to the individual, not the individual to the task” – Ergonomics in the Workplace, the Exponent Health Group.

There are also the environmental aspects to consider – temperature, noise and lighting. In an office environment you will need it to be fairly quiet to enable focused work, as well as being able to properly see your screen and paperwork clearly to avoid eye strain.

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