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Nienkamper welcomes exclusive fabric partner: Knoll Textiles

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

2021 is starting off with some BIG changes at Nienkamper!

We are very proud to announce that Nienkamper has partnered with Knoll Textiles to be the exclusive textile partner to the brand. As always Nienkamper makes working with COM and COL very easy, but now we are able to pre-grade your favorite Knoll Textiles on that gorgeous Nienkamper chair, sofa or screen.

Some of you may not know this but this is a bit of a "full circle moment" as Knoll and Nienkamper have had a long standing relationship. In fact, in 1974, Knoll appointed Nienkamper to be their licensed manufacturer for the Canadian market for over a decade! It makes sense that throughout the years, due to the mutual admiration and respect for each company, when the opportunity arose for a new graded in textile partner, Knoll was a natural choice.

In other major Nienkamper news, the organization has launched the brand new website - and it looks fantastic!

You will notice a cleaner welcome/splash page with the latest news from the Canadian manufacturer.

All the new products that were launched at NeoCon 2020 are updated and listed with all the pertinent information including images, CAD blocks, literature, finish info and even list pricing from that one page making navigating to the products you are looking for so much easier! You will also notice that under the "products tab" there is a sub category of collections broken out by environment making finding that table or screen or chair that much easier. The website design is an extremely simple format and is quick to load and download from.

Check out all the new collections by Nienkamper (sneak peek below)! You will be inspired by the fresh concepts - now available to order through BrassTacks!

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