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Here Comes The Sun!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

What a perfect sunny day here in Calgary!

I don't know about you but after this past year Spring can't come soon enough. The excitement and anticipation of the vaccine being distributed eminently, for me just enhances the optimism. Reminds me of the Beatles Song "Here Comes the Sun" and coincidently, the Fab Four are playing it as I am writing this. "Sun sun sun here it comes!"

To that end, I think we are all looking forward to coming out of this long winter, figuratively and literally!

As we anticipate the warmer weather, we want to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces! The research is showing organizations are looking at the outdoors as a direct extension of their brand. There are a number of factors to consider when including the outdoors as part of the total design.

Convey your Culture:

Different elements of an outdoor space, is a great way to convey the culture and vibe of the organization long before one even enters the building. What is the feeling you wish to convey? Formal and organized? Fun and whimsical? Who will be using the space - will clients be welcomed by way of this space or is it for the enjoyment of employees or a combination? Design the space that echoes the architecture of the building and the culture of the organization is a great way to set the scene for employees, visitors and guests.

Layout is Just as Important:

What do you wish to accomplish in the outdoor space? Is it a lively destination where people will go to connect, have a break and take their lunch? Or, will it be a location to recharge in the tranquility of quiet? How you want the space to be planned out will have a major impact on how it is used. Tables and chairs to promote conversation and collaboration will look different from individual benching nestled beside planters and lounge pieces in groups or spaced individually will encourage reflection and quiet activities. Furniture and accessories can be integrated into clusters, and used as physical barriers to control traffic flow and define areas.

When will the space be used?

Will the space be used during off hours? Do you need illumination or heat sources to take away a night time chill? Does it need to be ballasted or anchored down to keep it permanently in place or do you need it to be easily movable? How late/early in the season will individuals start to use the area? Will it be maintained regularly - ie: if it rains will someone be taking in upholstered items or is this space going to be expected to perform all year round in snow, sleet, the burning sun and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it?

The end of Covid - or is it

Finally what about the future? After this last year cleanability has been a major concern! Is the furniture easily cleanable?

Outdoor space is becoming a critical element of commercial, institutional, hospitality & retail organizations. By considering the factors above you can ensure the space is a destination in and of itself for all that work and visit the organization! So go out and enjoy that beautiful weather!

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