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What a Waste (receptacle!)

When we think of design we often think of the "eye candy". You know, the fancy coffee table, the breathtaking light fixture, the integrated technology and the beautiful textiles and finishes.

When you are conjuring those images in your mind, do you ever REALLY think about waste and recycle centers? Up until recently its been a bit of an afterthought. Not the sexiest part of the design but it should absolutely be given more thought. It is a lost opportunity when a client moves into their gorgeous new sparkly office space only to have a black plastic waste and GOD FORBID a Blue Recycle bin thoughtlessly shoved under the beautifully selected worksurface! We can do so much better!

Well BTDS is hoping to help change your perspective around Waste and Recycle because our manufacturers have created beautiful, unique and sanitary solutions that will feel right at home next to that designer chair!

We have solutions for your large public spaces such as malls, airports, and event spaces, outdoor solutions and of course personal waste solutions as well. Our portfolio of product includes numerous silhouettes, ability to customize, and thoughtful details and accessories such as soft close hinges (for the compost!) welded construction, spill matts and more, you will be as eager as we are to get these beautiful waste centers into your next space.

Contact us for more images, pricing and lead times.

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