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We can't keep it quiet any more! BrassTacks Welcomes HUSH OFFICE to Western Canada!

Those who know BTDS k

now that we strive to bring the BEST collections to our Western Canadian Market. We proudly carefully curate our selections to reflect what our clients are looking for, and we think the introduction of the BEST line of acoustic pods available fits that philosophy.

But there are a lot of "phone booths" out there. What makes Hush different?

Glad you asked! Let me tell you why we decided to represent this incredible line!

Hush is a range of fully mobile acoustic booths designed for a specific need: to provide customizable solutions for those who need privacy and flexibility for any working space. Holding the most extensive catalog of booths available on the market, Hush helps make work make sense again.

Concentration is everything in a modern world filled with excessive stimuli, information overload, and mounting work demands. Whether individually or in a group, Hush gives people an ideal and efficient work environment. The mission of each pod is to provide the essential support needed to perform at the highest, happiest level.

Hush gives people control over their workspace, which means control over their concentration and ultimately, their growth. This lends freedom to work when, where, and how one wants to. But most importantly, the freedom of having absolute comfort and focus in one’s individual and unique workflow.

Hush is silence done right. We test our products with cutting edge technologies to bring the best acoustic solution to the market. Each booth’s soundproofing is brilliantly engineered to provide you with an ambient environment while containing noise to eliminate external disruption. With a acoustic glass door, acoustic fabric tiles, and a complex system of seals and gaskets, all Hush booths are an example of brilliant soundproof-engineering. For safety reasons, users can hear a fire alarm from inside Hush at all times.

That said, we even have an option for an additional Portable Fire Suppression Kit available on any booth!

Speaking of Safety, you may be wondering why one would be interested in booths during a global pandemic. Well in addition to the many other wonderful features, HUSH includes a thin Nano-Photocatalyst Protective Coating that counteracts the development of viruses and microbes. In fact the coating has been proven to kill 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi when tested. The Coating is odorless, harmless and completely neutral to human health. Best of all, it will be applied to all Hush booths free of charge until the end of 2021!

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