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Valentines 2021 - Your next project's soul-mate

Bringing people together at a safe distance but still with a sense of being close is a challenge. That is why we are excited to introduce BOB-19! A new set of see-through plexiglass dividers for BOB, made to make the seating system even more capable of meeting today’s challenges in shared spaces during times of social distancing.

Will your needs in the space change? BOB-19 can change with it! Use BOB-19 permanently or temporarily only when needed. The elegant dividers are easy to add (or remove) to any new or already built BOB sofa with no disassembly needed or tools required. The dividers can swiftly be rearranged to any position you like, closer together or more separated apart. With the different colors and grades of transparency available, BOB-19 can be specified to fit right in anywhere you need it to.

BOB-19 comes in three different widths to accommodate all BOB modules currently available. The height is the same for the entire set and we recommend no closer than three seats between each divider to provide for a safe and relaxing seating experience.

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