Remote Working or Office Based? How This Changes the Way we Work!

The working environment has an enormous impact on our efficiency and well-being.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people who are accustomed to working in a busy office are unable to focus during home-office or remote working.

Collaborative sessions, peer stimulation and social contact are all positive factors of working in an office. Combined with the ergonomics of a nice desk and chair, and the convenient facilities, the office space is a way of life for many people.

On the other hand, those who value calm often have problems performing their duties in a noisy office with multiple distractions, and are far more productive when working from home where it may be peaceful and secluded. That being said, interruptions at home are unavoidable, and can easily break that all important train of thought.

At a time where the vast majority of the nation has been based at home, this period marks a change in the ways in which people work. We may never go back to the open plan office as it was before, rather a ‘new normal’ which can adapt and cater to all needs.

Does the Workplace Matter?

When arriving at work each day the functionality and visual attractiveness of the space affects the well-being of staff to a large extent. The working efficiency and well-being of staff go hand in hand, which is why the office environment as a whole is a huge consideration for employers. A crucial aspect is the arrangement of the working area, spaces are needed to facilitate both group working and quiet individual study. Conscious employers realize that sometimes quiet concentration is needed, verses other times where a collective brainstorm of ideas and opinions in a group setting is desired. Consequently, the arrangement of the office will need to cater to both.

There was a time when utilizing the open-plan concept was a popular idea. This solution was intended to support cooperation, exchange of ideas and experiences. In practice, however, it may not be the best solution for differing workstyles and tasks. Open-space work does not always work well, particularly for introverts and people who can only focus in silence.

However, on the other hand, remote working has its fair share of factors that come into play. The atmosphere at home will need to be created to enable a comfortable yet focused workspace. It can easily fall into disorder as a result of a clash between professional and household duties within one space which is often small, and not fully equipped.