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Outdoor Spaces in Winter? Apparently YES and we can help!

According to a South Korean study (published in the Journal of Korean Medical Science), it appears we may be still too close with only 6 feet of distance. ( ) especially indoors.

Outdoor spaces have always been a critical component of a complete design for public spaces and Covid-19 is certainly highlighting that importance.

Why not make these spaces destinations in their own right? BrassTacks has several options for property owners to choose from!

Green Furniture Concepts original design, Nova C is now available for outdoors:

Hospitality Solutions from Scandinavian Spaces:

Last, but certainly not least, is TONIK the manufacturer that will make your outdoor space - THE place to be by pushing boundaries, connects people and sets the scene for life’s best moments. Tonik furniture is fashionable, made in eye-catching colors that are UV-resistant, easy to clean and built to last. Oh, and some of these pieces even light up. What a great way to bring life to an outdoor space (even in winter!!). Life is more fun with a splash of Tonik.

We have some great options for your outdoor spaces and best of all - they are designed for the tough Canadian Winters!

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