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Did you know that an estimated 15-20% of the Canadian populations are dyslexic, 4% of Canadian adults and 5% of Canadian kids have ADHD and 1-2% of Canadians are on the Autism spectrum. In fact 1/8 people are what we call "neuro-diverse" but fewer than 50% know it!

"Change needn’t be dramatic or expensive. It takes

businesses thinking differently – and adapting accordingly –

to accommodate workers who think differently. By

understanding individuals, organizations can perform better

as a whole.” David O’Coimin / Nook

So how do we provide spaces to support these special populations - and why should we care?

Well it turns out that even if we haven't received an actual diagnosis, research has shown that we all are on the spectrum at some level. By designing spaces that supports brains on the extreme ends of the spectrum, all brains can benefit. Further, the way the Nook has been designed right from the beginning, being adaptable to change is a huge part of what makes Nook unique!

Nooks were created as a quiet refuge for introverts or those on the autistic spectrum in the workplace. Thanks to their mobility, flexibility, acoustic design and integrated technology, Nooks are now found in a variety of environments from offices to care homes and from schools to stadiums. Nook is recognized for improving productivity, communication, and wellbeing and has been recently received certification as an autism resource in the UK and they are working on obtaining additional certification internationally (US and Canada).

We are very proud to represent such a wonderfully different and important solution such as Nook. To be honest, (regrettably) before we decided to represent this product back in the fall of 2018 I really didn't give much thought to this incredibly important aspect of design. When one has the opportunity to have a deeper, broader and more meaningful conversation about how a solution can immediately have a positive impact to the lives of the people that use it, it is a very special thing, indeed!

Let's have a deeper conversation and we would be happy to share our passion about this fascinating topic and this wonderful collection of solutions!

Nook has delivered its acoustic, autism certified wellness pods for free to hospitals across the UK and Netherlands to offer hard-working frontline staff a place to recharge, refocus and recuperate during tiring shifts.

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