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Felt for the Senses - Underfoot

Felt is an incredibly versatile, durable and unique material which makes it perfect fabric for your home office or hospitality project. In fact, felt has a number of properties and characteristics that would surprise you - it's resiliency and strength make it a great choice especially for rugs, and often can look great for decades!!

Did you know that felt is one of the world’s oldest man-made fabrics because it does not require weaving? Indeed. Textiles typically are made on a loom and require a warp or weft to design a pattern or solid color of fabric. Felt however, is made from matted and compressed fibers using heat, moisture, and pressure - which is why it has all these fabulous characteristics:

  • is water and stain resistant

  • is a renewable resource, and a sustainable choice

  • is resistant to abrasion and doesn't pill

  • it is fire retardant

  • anti-static

  • acoustic

  • can be sewn, die cut, and machined

  • doesn't fray or unravel (making it perfect for public spaces!)

Let us help you with your new Felt Area Rug!

Choose from one of our fabulous patterns and start playing with the color selections here:

Or, contact us directly if you would like to customize a rug using your logo, personal design or even artwork!

All the colors, please!

Drop us a line if you would like more information on our fabulous rugs through Unika Vaev!

"Beautiful to behold, lovely to touch, quietening to the ear, a joy to walk on.

Design your own rug pattern or start from one of the many patterns we offer. Choose from a selection of many colors and find the rug that perfectly matches the room and its interior design." Fraster Rugs

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