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Bringing Artisanal Craftmanship to the Boardroom

As I reflect on 2020 I have mixed feelings. It has certainly been unprecedented, challenging even scary.

The impacts that this year has had on us all personally, and professionally have been profound. Despite the uncertainty, and fear, (or maybe because of it) I personally, have found I am gravitating to different things that what I have in the past. Case in point, this time of year I typically unleash unbridled glitz and glamour of the Holiday with sparkles, jewel tones, glimmering ,metallic finishes from everything from my gorgeous Nativity Scene to my seasonal wardrobe selections.

This year, however, it is different. 2020 has highlighted for me, how incredibly fortunate we are. This past year, due to the various scenarios we have worked through has brought our family closer together (hard not to be when all four of us are WFH) and with limited opportunities (no team sports, no seeing our aging parents, no movies, no restaurants with friends or colleagues etc) to do much of anything other than games and art, and a LOT of togetherness, 2020 has forced us all to slow down and to be grateful for what we have. I am seeing that with other family members, friends and colleagues too. We are hunkering down and simplifying. With this simplification I have experienced a renewed appreciation for personal touches, texture, hand made elements all make me feel more connected with what is important to me.

A curated experience.

There is a desire to be more deliberate with thoughtful details and that sentiment, I am seeing, is extended beyond the personal preferences at home, and becoming an evident part of corporate design.

Photo above showing Nienkamper custom table and Ingmar chairs for the Canada House in London, UK

One way to add a special artisanal touch is by integrating beautiful designs into the surfaces where you can. Below are some examples of some of the designs that Nienkamper has created for some of their clients. The artistry and craftmanship that Nienkamper master woodworkers and upholsterers bring to commercial projects are world renowned. Through their incredible talent with their craft - we can help you design a bespoke layout or you can select from a number of designs. By blending species and cuts of veneers in different finishes you can create a completely bespoke breathtaking centerpiece to your space.

Above: Only four of a number of incredible artistic designs using different patterns, species and finishes you can integrate into your custom tables with Nienkamper

How are your design ideas for your projects changing after this unforgettable year? Are you naturally gravitating toward different materials and products for your commercial projects? Are you opting for texture and other subtle nuances tp integrate into your designs? We would love to hear how you do this and if you feel partly due to the difficulty of the past year?

Thanks for reading!


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