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Location:346, 3rd Floor

At Arper, we create chairs, tables, and furnishings for community, work and home. We are motivated by relationships—between products and spaces, spaces and people, people and their networks.

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Location:365, 3rd Floor

Nienkämper's record as a leading furniture manufacturer has long inspired trust. We respect design, and we respect our customers. We do what it takes to deliver the best product and the greatest value in the most efficient and effective way.

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Scandinavian Spaces

Location:366, 3rd Floor

Scandinavian Spaces offers cutting edge furniture and interior solutions for the modern-day work environment, while staying true to the core values of – COLOR. DESIGN. LIFE. Dedicated to finding a beautiful balance in aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, and sustainability, Scandinavian Spaces delivers innovative and creative designs for the contract market.

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Thinkspace Office

Location:1099, 10th Floor

Founded in 2018 by Anjul Chandi and Mark Bailey, Thinkspace outfits the work environment with essential, beautiful and fun furniture. A vibrant woman-owned company, Thinkspace is dedicated to bringing life back to today’s workspaces. The company distributes cutting-edge acoustic workspace solutions for focused work, meetings, and collaboration as well as unique and fun products dedicated to employee wellness.

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Location:1062, 10th Floor

Nook is a multi-purpose mobile pod, that enhances whatever you’re doing – from working to dreaming and everything in between. Their innovative design helps improve focus and wellbeing while maximizing your space.

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