These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Who else watches The Sound of Music during the Holidays? Well I felt inspired to share a few of our favorite products, that we feel are small touches but really make the space sing!

Often it is the little touches that make a big difference to how a space feels. We wanted to count down our top 5 products that make a big impact!

5) Pixel - Pixel is a patented, high-class sound absorber made from natural, hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss. The Pixel element is designed to cover large surface areas with maximum flexibility in shape and design. Each Pixel element retains its colors, is fire-proof, absorbs and releases humidity to remain soft, and is completely maintenance-free.

4) Waly Screens by Rouillard. There are a lot of... well, not so esthetically pleasing acrylic screens out there. The Waly collection is a beautiful, intuitive solution to protect your staff, clients and the public through screening. Available in a free standing, desk top and even for public beam seating versions, you are able to position the screen (clear or frosted) in a number of different positions maximizing flexibility.

3) Swizzle Collection by TONIK - This fun and playful collection is is the perfect addition to any place that could use a splash of modern flair. This line of stools, planters and lighting options blends form and function into an energetic design that’s sure to make heads turn. Yes they can be LED lighted too! Mic Drop.

2) Align by Nienkamper - Align follows your movement and promotes a healthy sitting position. Especially developed for people who work at height-adjustable desks, the seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still balanced. Perfect for your WFH office!