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Scandinavian Spaces: A Review Of The Modern Movement In Interior Design

The Nordic name for the minimalist and functional style that became popular in the late 1950s and 1960s is "Scandinavian Modern." This style was a reaction to the excesses of mid-century modern. Instead of overstuffed furniture, Scandinavian designers opted for sleek simplicity. Instead of ornate patterns, they preferred clean lines. And while the rest of the world still debates the definition of wellness in the workplace, at Scandinavian Spaces our philosophies are a decade ahead of the health and wellness movement.

As a family-owned company we push the boundaries of expected design to provide forward-thinking solutions for the built environment. We felt the furniture industry was lacking a fresh face in Scandinavian aesthetics, imagination, and overall wellness. Our response? Change it by making great Scandinavian design accessible to you – the like-minded creative who cares about more than just how it looks but how it makes you feel in your space,

We believe aesthetics are at the core of any successful business in today’s society. Aesthetic choices influence our daily interactions, and Scandinavian Spaces’ modern aesthetic is a breath of fresh air in the furniture industry. With the brand’s expansive selection of luxury furnishings, Scandinavian Spaces brings a unique, inspiring experience to interiors that people can’t help but feel good in. As part of a larger wellness movement in the contract industry, we hope you will join us at Scandinavian Spaces for our journey as we always have, by living life to its fullest potential every day.

To bring Scandinavia to your inspired interiors, please contact Jon or Carolyn at BrassTacks Design Source Inc. We look forward to helping to with your projects in Western Canada!

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