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Hushoffice to Debut New Acoustic Pod Solutions for Agile and Hybrid Work at NeoCon

New Products Deliver Architectural, Acoustic, and Visual Privacy for All

HushAccess.L – The hushAccess.L is a new enhancement to the hushMeet.L large meeting pods and are ADA compliant with lower thresholds allowing complete access for people with disabilities. These larger meeting pods accommodate up to 8 individuals and can be designed with a wide selection of finishes. They integrate seamlessly into existing environments and can be rolled into place and moved to any location with no construction or renovation required.

HushHybrid – The hushHybrid is a new acoustic pod for individual focused work and lengthy videoconferences or webinars. The pod is equipped with the essential elements needed such as supportive seating, and LED side lighting for facial illumination.

HushWall – the hushWall is a new portable office partition on casters that creates flexible space division to easily delineate different work zones in the office when needed. This partition also serves as a vertical workspace replacing the classic flipchart to support brainstorming sessions, or to separate workstations to give teams visual privacy when needed. Each partition is fully mobile, rotates 360 degrees, and can be ordered with an option for TV mount, whiteboard or felt panel for tactile displays.

HushMeet – The hushMeet pod provides meeting space for up to 4- individuals in a comfortable, secure environment with advanced acoustic capabilities. This meeting space can be placed anywhere needed and easily relocates in the office as a flexible alternative to a small conference room. Teams can conduct interviews, discuss confidential matters and work together without interruption or interrupting others outside the pod.

HushPhone – The hushPhone is the modern version of the classic phone booth but with an evolved functionality for contemporary needs. Users can quickly take a confidential call without worry or do some individual work that requires concentration and quiet. Inside, a fold away laptop table also supports a video call. Like other Hushoffice products these come with casters for easy mobility to move wherever they are needed.

Solutions to Support New Demands in the Office.

“Acoustic pods are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. as workers begin moving back into the office and are faced with adapting to a hybrid model of work that incorporates more video conferencing with remote teams as well as the need to perform focused tasks in an open office setting. This requires a level of privacy and a reduction in noise not found in the current open office environment” says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager at Hushoffice. “We design our pods to optimize sensory impressions and boost efficiency and creativity at work”, he continued.

The Hushoffice will display the full range of acoustic pods in their newly designed space on the 7th floor at booth 7-7046 in the Merchandise Mart during NeoCon from June 13th -15th.

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