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Booths Vs. Build-Ins

In recent times employers have seen the benefits of using flexible workspaces. With the sky high costs of real estate, it makes sense to want to maximize space and keep areas as multi-use. The average open-plan workspace faces pressure to provide both confidential meeting spaces as well as areas for quiet concentration. However, implementing built conference rooms will be costly, and they are often built too large for their purpose wasting valuable office space. Research shows that there are only 2-4 people involved in 73% of meetings.

Opting for office booths instead of built rooms can save not only space but also overall costs once everything has been considered. On average this can be as much as a saving of over 50% when using Hush booths over the cost of constructing a conference space.

Installing booths will be a future proof investment as they can be moved should the office ever relocate. The easy mobility of the Hush booths also gives long term flexibility within the space, allowing the layout to be easily reconfigured as the office space evolves.

The overall experience of implementing booths over built rooms should also be considered. When the booth arrives, easy installation will save time and eliminate disruption which occurs with renovating and constructing permanent walls.

The booth will arrive with acoustics, lighting, electrical, and fans already in place, which will reduce overall General Contractor costs while providing the highest levels of performance.

When comparing the dimensions for Hush booths to the average constructed room size (source: CBRE) the compact design of the booths will save space – as well as real estate costs as a result. As an example, the hushMeet will fit easily within a corner of an open plan office, facilitating a quiet spot for small meetings without the need to build a separate room. The average space of a mid sized room like this would be 97sqft, at only 32sqft the hushMeet offers a space saving of 78%. In addition to this, the booth is multi functional; it can be used for small meetings where discretion maybe required, collaborative brainstorm sessions where noise can be contained, as well as a quiet spot for individual work when the user seeks space.

Using Hushoffice, you can lead the way and keep your employees safe in the workplace. So you can have Your Hush, Your Way

Contact BrassTacks Design Source, exclusive representatives of Hushoffice acoustic booths in Western Canada, to discuss how we can help you create a safe workplace!

*this was originally posted by ThinkSpace, the exclusive distributer of Hushoffice acoustic booths. BrassTacks Design Source exclusively represents ThinkSpace and Hushoffice in Western Canada.

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