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Our Work Spaces Are Evolving, Here's How

Technology has had a huge impact on office design, having an effect that stretches way beyond the desktop computer. With virtual meetings and the rise of colocation services, tech is literally permeating all aspects of workplace design – including space planning and furniture selection

The ability to integrate technology into buildings and interiors has improved greatly in recent years. This has led us to reconsider how we should be designing offices and public spaces.

Nienkamper's "Power Drawer" allows the client to have all the connectivity at their fingertips without surface imbedded ports - giving the table top a clean and unobstructed aesthetic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, virtual communication and technology have a huge impact on workers and have challenged the status quo regarding what is important in this new age of office design.

Hush office pods offer a range of solutions seamlessly integrating technology - Hybrid (above) was developed in response to the sweeping utilization of virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams, and includes features such as facial lighting, integrated monitor, adjustable lighting/airflow and plug and play options to easily go from a virtual meeting to heads down work in a snap.

As workers return to their offices, we are seeing first hand how the modern office is not just about technology in the traditional sense of computers, but also the adoption of virtual meeting devices such as video conferencing and online chat systems that have allowed employees to work collaboratively from different locations, regardless of their geographic location.

AirTv by Scandinavian Spaces integrates writable and magnetic surfaces with monitors

Through integration of thoughtful details - the furniture selected can support traditional work styles in addition to being fully integrated in technology and new utilizations of the space. This can be as simple of a solution as adding a usb port and work tablet to a lounge chair, or as integrated as a custom designed board room table that has flip up iPads imbedded into the surface and more!

Nienkamper consults with clients to provide bespoke solutions - pushing the boundaries for technology integration

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