Open Office Plan

Gateway™ Height Adjustable Table

Gateway™ Height Adjustable tables can easily be adapted for open plan working environments, touchdown spaces, meeting tables and break out areas alike. Gateway™ includes multiple table options that also integrates flexible power, data and video connectivity. Table tops are available in wood veneer or laminate with optional ecoustic privacy panels. Re-chargeable Battery discreetly mounted to the underside of the table makes re-configuration simple with no cords to manage. 

Nomad® Benching

Nomad® is an interactive workspace that is adaptive and flexible. Nomad® benching is capable of responding to the multiple needs of modern working environments. It facilitates the reconfiguring of space, adapts to new ways of working where work areas may be spontaneously re-zoned with the Nomad® mobile screens and table top dividers. Power and data flow within a moveable central channel that can easily be shared among users. Optional height adjustable surfaces provides great ergonomics whilst working and alternating postures throughout the day .

Vox® OpenOffice™

Vox® OpenOffice™ creates a unique style of work environment that allows a number of individuals to work within close proximity of one another while maintaining a workspace that can be individualized and productive. Premium surfaces and finishes provide a rich environment in a compact space. The designs use minimal components to increase efficiencies of installation.


My Zone desking system focuses on the design factors that create an effective workplace, including how design can better support knowledge, worker engagement, satisfaction, performance, and organizational culture.



The PanelX post and beam system is an architectural framework that allows for 360 degree planning flexibility. PanelX utilizes a mixture of both desking and panel systems, providing the best of each system while overcoming their limitations.