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Canadian Manufacturing is Open for Business!

It's a great time to buy furniture made in Canada.


  • The Craftsmanship is world class; proving that quality comes from using locally sourced materials, put together by hard working Canadians.


  • Innovation that rivals the best in the industry in both technical creativity and design nuances.


  • Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing in Canada aren't just lip service; it's the expectation. Canadian furniture companies consistently demonstrate building products in an ecoligically sensitive way. Which is not only good for the environment, it's also good for business!


  • Inherent Value you can count on through efficient manfacturing systems passed on to the consumer in form of well priced products that were built to last.


  • Shorter Lead Times of Canadian products will ensure the project installs on time.


  • And lastly the economic benefits of buying Canadian are enjoyed by everyone in our fine country. 


BrassTacks Design Source is proud of the Canadian content we represent and will continue to promote the great products that are 100% Canadian made!

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