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BF has been manufacturing bathroom furniture and kitchen cabinets since 1980. Manufactured in Drummondville, Quebec, BF products offer high design at affordable prices which is why they have become a top choice for customers at several retail building centres, independently owned high end plumbing boutiques and contractors. With an excellent selection of modern contemporary and traditional designs, over 50 beautiful laminates and a variety of base materials including Thermo, polyester and solid wood, BF has a broad appeal in the design market.

An pivotal point in the history of the company occurred in 2013 when BF became a division of Rouillard Industries Inc. (www.rouillard.ca). An important player in the Canadian contract furniture market since 1978, Rouillard has established a robust distribution network to include hundreds of dealers throughout North America and is successful in several key markets comprised of higher education institutions, health care, financial, and corporate clientele.

Following a complete redesign of the product lines in 2016, BF set out to expand upon our success in eastern Canada markets. As a result, BF products are currently sold in hundreds of Home Hardware building centres from coast to coast. As part of the Western Canada expansion, BF has also been awarded kitchen and bathroom contracts for large scale multi-family construction developments in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. One of the keys to our success has been our flexible manufacturing process which allows us to manufacture in small lots, compete effectively with similar import products and provide a high degree of modularity for swift and consistent installations.

The BF team is comprised of experienced passionate individuals who thrive on high quality and innovative designs. The team of in-house industrial designers bring an high degree of professionalism and knowledge to every project. 

Integrated Design. Infinite Possibilities.